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Cancer Ribbon Clip Art, Digital Clip Art Cancer Awareness Ribbons
digital clip art cancer awareness ribbon

Cancer Ribbon Clip Art, Digital Clip Art Cancer Awareness Ribbons

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Cancer Ribbon Clip Art, 
Digital Clip Art Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Cancer Awareness Ribbon clip art, digital clip art cancer ribbons 
 Set of 15, Cancer Awareness Ribbons representing
Pink- Breast Cancer
Green- Kidney Cancer
Yellow- Liver Cancer
Blue- Colon Cancer
Purple- Pancreatic Cancer
Light Purple- Stomach/Esophagus Cancer
Black- Melanoma
Gray- Brain Cancer
Gold- Childhood Cancer
Peach- Uterine Cancer
White- Bone Cancer
Teal- Ovarian/Cervical Cancer
Light Blue- Prostate Cancer
Lime- Lymphoma
Lavender- All Cancers

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